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A fun day scrambling at Glen Lednock

A fun day scrambling at Glen Lednock

Once upon a time, my husband used to climb. Then life kinda took over and new hobbies got in the way. Then we had our son and then we moved house. We’re closer to the mountains now, and while other hobbies still get a look in first, we thought we’d head to Glen Lednock to see what all the fuss about scrambling there was about. Turns out it’s a pretty good place and our son loved having a little taste of it as well, with loads of smaller boulders with super grippy surfaces and gentle slopes.

That looks like a decent foothold

The walk in was straight forward, through a gate and following it right at the fork. It’s then a plod uphill but we were there soon enough. There is a dam there as well, and we pottered along Loch Lednock for a short while before stopping for a picnic.  We spent the rest of the day exploring and playing hide and seek by the bigger boulders.


Getting used to 3 points of contact, with daddy right behind him


Trip report:

  • Location: Perthshire
  • Nearest town: Comrie
  • Level of difficulty: Excellent tarmac road. It has a small section of steep uphill.
  • What to wear: As always, prepare for everything – it’s a trek back to the car.
  • Kid friendly: Yes.
  • Any tips: The small carpark is also used by walkers heading up to Ben Chonzie, so it can fill up quickly. It’s best to get there early though as the road sides also fill up quickly.


As always, use your common sense when heading out to the hills. Check weather forecasts, wear sensible shoes, pack waterproofs and know how to use your maps.

***Please note: This is a blog that was previously published on another of our blogs Adventurous Little Legs, and linked to an online store we also had. We have closed these both down. All content and pictures remain those of Stacey and Keith at Adventurous Little Legs and An Outdoors Family

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