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Wild camping code

Wild camping is a pretty simple concept. Instead of the crowds and the noise of campsites (we’ve all got stories right?) with wild camping you can enjoy peace and quiet in the middle of nowhere. Just you, your tent and whatever else you carried in with you, in a little corner of the world that’s just for you and your favourite people to spend a bit of time in. Bliss! It’s the ultimate get away from it all, won’t cost you a penny and you can walk in to some of the most remote and beautiful areas left in the country doing this. And it isn’t daunting with a toddler either, honest!

Depending on where you live in the UK, there are different guidelines to follow. In Scotland, wild camping is allowed anywhere, apart from the banks and surrounding areas of Loch Lomond which has recently imposed a ban due to irresponsible wild campers and huge amount of rubbish, broken bottles, tents and even a burning car left behind! Everywhere else though, it’s accepted and as long as you’re not within 100m of the road and obviously not camping on someones doorstep, you shouldn’t have any trouble. In England and Wales it is illegal unless you ask the landowners permission first. However in some upland/remote areas it is tolerated. In Ireland it is illegal as well, but is seen as more tolerated.

The wild camping code

1: Use a stove and if you’re going to have one, leave no trace of any camp fire. Never cut down or damage trees. 2: Take away your rubbish. It’s simple – if you’ve carried it in, you can carry it out! 3: Carry a trowel to bury toilet waste and make sure to urinate well away from any water courses. 4: If you’re unsure, you can always ask the landowner.

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