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Three bite size adventures for our pint size adventurer! Part III: Weekend road trip to the beach

Three bite size adventures for our pint size adventurer! Part III: Weekend road trip to the beach

We decided that for our last adventure from our weeks holiday, we would really slow the pace down and go away in our campervan. The weather was meant to be more mixed at the weekend, so we were glad we did it this way around. We headed to the west coast of Scotland, where there were supposed to be beautiful beaches, so with the camper full of buckets and spade, waterproofs and woolly hats we hit the road.

Finding a birds skull to take pride of place atop his sand castle

We stopped off at Morar Beach, which was stunning even at high tide. I imagine at low tide, with the white sand and turquoise sea it would be even more so.  My husband even braved a paddle in the water, determined to try to find more crabs while our son busied himself building a sandcastle. We hunted for treasure to decorate it with, the grandest of which was a birds skull he found which took pride of place at the top of the castle. The rest of the day was spent beach hopping and dodging hailstorms. Did Spring go on holiday? Where’s the sun gone?

We found a quiet little parking spot for the night, overlooking the sea with a route down to the pebble beach. There was plenty to do, building rock castles and throwing stones to finding even more crabs and anemones. The sunset was beautiful, the sky turning all shades of pink and orange, filling the camper with a strange glow. It was beautiful, and we were glad to be there.

Pebble beach by our home for the night

The next day was cloudy, cold and wet. Despite that, we headed to Glenfinnan viaduct, made famous from the Harry Potter films with the flying car and yes I will say that being bit of a nerd, I got quite excited when we saw a train go over it!

Glenfinnan Viaduct

Our son was not up to walking far, feeling a bit weary after such a busy week and we couldn’t blame him. He had done amazing. We headed back to the camper, and soon our son was asleep as we headed for home.

I’m glad we did the week how we did it. Three very different adventures, each one with bursting with character and we’ve shared the highs and lows as a family and made some brilliant memories from it, seen some amazing things and been to great places. To us, that’s what it’s all about. Our favourite was the walking and wild camping, so we’re hoping to do a multiday walk in early summer. I’ll keep you posted with the plans!

***Please note: This is a blog that was previously published on another of our blogs Adventurous Little Legs, and linked to an online store we also had. We have closed these both down. All content and pictures remain those of Stacey and Keith at Adventurous Little Legs and An Outdoors Family

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