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A night at The Enchanted Forest

Every Autumn, here in Perthshire, we are treated to some of the best of nature’s colours. Not only by day, but also by night.

The Enchanted Forest is set in Faskally Woods near Pitlochry, and has an array of stunning lights, original music, aerial performers and a storyteller, all set within a stunning natural backdrop. We went last year and it definitely didn’t disappoint, so we got this years tickets quickly as they’ve been known to sell out. This year, more than 62,000 tickets were sold and that’s with them extending the season for it. If you’re in the area at this time of year, definitely check The Enchanted Forest out!

The Storyteller: Imagine your mind has already been blown away by the majestic colours, glimpses of aerial performers, music and waterfalls. Now picture an oasis of calm, a little yurt tucked away in a little corner. But to get there, you need to walk through a tunnel of twinkling lights. Magical. Now everyone is waiting to go in, talking in hushed voices waiting to hear what the storyteller might have to say. Once inside the yurt, benches and tree stumps surround the storytellers stage, where she waits patiently for us all to take a seat. And then she begins. Beautiful songs and playing on a harp or drum, whichever the story demanded. The drama unfolding. And the kids, oh how the kids sat sooo nicely, listening to her every word. Our son was entranced by it and had a few giggles, a few jumps and of course the story had a happy ending! It was one of his favourite bits of the night.

the enchanted forest
Going through the twinkly light tunnel to the storyteller yurt


The aerial performer: The music started slowly, quietly and then began building up as the aerial performer made their way out above the loch. You could see two others climbing up and down the tree, helping coordinate the performers routine. Our son thought the music was sad, yet he stood there, once again entranced by the show.

Aerial performer at The Enchanted Forest


The music: The music is an original score and divided opinions in our household. Our son thought it was either too sad or too “boomy and loud, like a dinosaur”, which scared him to begin with. My husband on the other hand really enjoyed it and liked the electronic and slightly dark edge to it.

The Lights: Oh, the lights! My husband’s always taking the mickey out of me about how much I like sparkly twinkly things and our son knows that if it’s glittery then I’d probably love it! The colours were amazing, and we got lucky that on the night it was dry and kind of clear, so we could see a few stars out over the mountains while we enjoyed the light show too! Perfect and magical.

The Enchanted Forest
Colours at the Enchanted Forest


The Enchanted Forest red
The Enchanted Forest in red


What you need to know:

  • Book tickets early! They’ve already extended this season, but tickets have still sold out and it’s easy to see why. It’s magical!
  • They advise to take a headtorch, just in case their lights go out.
  • Check out the story yurt, for quirky tales accompanied with whimsical instruments.
  • Wear sturdy shoes, warm clothes and hats etc.
  • There are food and drink stalls throughout the walk, but take your own snack if you’d rather for quick fixes.
  • Don’t forget a bit of money for the storyteller yurt (£1 each), snacks and souvenir stall – Enchanted Forest umbrella anyone??
  • There is a bus that takes you from the centre of Pitlochry to Faskally Woods. There are plenty of car parks in Pitlochry and little cafes, restaurants and shops if you fancy a bite to eat before the show. There’s also plenty of accommodation choices nearby.



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