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Walking in dinosaur footprints at An Corran Beach, Isle of Skye

We couldn’t come to the Isle of Skye and not visit the amazing dinosaur footprints at An Corran beach by Staffin. Remarkably, the footprints were only discovered in 2002 when the sand was washed away after a storm.

An Corran info board

The footprints can be found on rocky outcrops, so be sure to visit at low tide and have your eagle eyes in! They can be tricky to spot at first but once you find one, then that’s it and you can see there are loads more footprints in the area!

Dinosaur footprints
Dinosaur footprints

The footprints belonged to a type of carnivorous dinosaur similar to a megalosaurus. We measured out on the beach how big it would have been, and our son was big-eyed and amazed. It’s really exciting to find the footprints, and imagine that there were dinosaurs right there in that spot, from a very long time ago (roughly 175 million years ago).

Getting to know the dinosaurs a bit better
Getting to know the dinosaurs a bit better


As we went in the depths of winter, we weren’t able to visit the local dinosaur museum but we did hear only good things about it so will probably visit again if we’re in the area during the summer months.

An empty beach, a head full of imagination and what if’s and walking in dinosaur footprints meant there was only one thing left to do – run on the beach and play banana tig!


An Outdoors Family playing chase
There’s nothing like fresh air to awaken the senses
An Corran beach
An Corran beach


More info:

  • Location: Isle of Skye, Scotland
  • Nearest town: Staffin
  • There is car parking next to the beach, alongside the information board with helpful pointers to dinosaur footprints.
  • The Skye Guide website provides further info about this beach and other areas worth visiting.

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