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The Coral Beach, Isle of Skye

We’ve been to the Coral Beach on the Isle of Skye a few times now. The first time was on our first wedding anniversary over 12 years ago. The last time we went there, I was about 4 months pregnant with our son. Five years later, we were back with our son and decided a visit there would be a great way to stretch our legs and let him lead the way.

An Outdoors Family
Coral Beach information board


The walk to the Coral Beach is a fairly level walk along good tracks so is great for younger kids. We spotted a couple of seals playing about just off shore which is always awesome!

An Outdoors Family

The Coral Beach has its name due to it being, well, literally made out of coral. This didn’t stop our son trying to make coral angels (I think he misses snow!!) He also tried to make a coral castle, though it didn’t hold up as well as a sand castle would’ve done 😉

An Outdoors Family
Trying to make coral angels
An Outdoors Family
The Coral Beach coral


We sat and ate our lunch, before having a few games of banana tig and chase on the beach. The colours of the beach mixed in with the (fleeting) bits of blue sky definitely gives it a more tropical feel, if it weren’t for the fact we were in coats and hats! It’s inspired us to look ahead to summer holidays to somewhere warmer!

An Outdoors Family
The first glimpse of the Coral Beach
An Outdoors Family
We got to the beach in time for lunch. One thing we always love about this place is the light which always looks amazing
An Outdoors Family
Almost looks tempting enough to go for a swim….. almost


Trip report

  • Location: The Isle of Skye
  • Length: Just over 2 miles round trip.
  • Level of difficulty: A fairly flat, low level walk.
  • Exposure: Very exposed, coastal walk.
  • What to wear: Best to be prepared. The photos on this blog is from one day over lunchtime and the weather was varied. We went in December so had the usual waterproofs, hats and gloves not forgetting a picnic lunch. There were folks there in just tshirts though we didn’t envy them! We’ve been before in just jumpers during warmer months though!
  • Kid friendly: Very kid friendly. The path can be quite muddy after heavy rain and there are a few bits where you have to jump over river beds. Probably better for back carriers or pushchairs if you don’t mind negotiating these small bits.
  • Best time to visit: Anytime, though we’ve only been in winter or early in the year, so we’ve missed midge season. Let us know if it’s an issue!
  • Any tips: Single track road with passing places to get there, so take care when driving. Car park is big enough.

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