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Gear review: Anatom Kids K2 Minimus Light Hiking Boots

We’ve been struggling for some time to find a pair of walking boots for our son that would give him the extra support across his feet that he needs while out on the hills. The problem? Most companies only do kids boots starting from a UK size 10, so our son has had to wear chunky winter boots that, while give him the sturdy grip on the sole, also allow his feet to move around more which is tiring for him. While companies like KEEN make boots in smaller sizes, we have found that their winter boots aren’t quite up to the same quality as their sandals (which in our opinion are awesome! See our review of KEEN Newport H2 kids sandals). Then we found the Anatom K2 Minimus boots that are available in smaller sizes and having bought a pair, our son’s been testing them out over the last few months.

An Outdoors Family

The first time he wore them, he was off! I mean, we thought he was speedy and felt ‘invincible’ in his chunky boots but what a difference the extra support must make! Anatom have used the same fabric on the kids boots as on their adult fabric boots, so they are durable and comfortable. While it is a lightweight boot, the sole is made from Vibram and the upper is polyester and suede with a full Tri.aria waterproof membrane, so it doesn’t compromise its toughness in any way.


Product Features

  • Upper: Polyester, Suede
  • Membrane: Tri.aria
  • Lining: Hydrophobic Interface One
  • Insole: Anatom wool felt
  • Midsole: Calibrated nylon
  • Outsole: Vibram Turtle
  • Colour: Green / Blue
  • Weight (UK size 7): 386g compared to his winter boots weighing 686g.
  • RRP: £50 from Cotswolds (the only place we could find the size we were after)

The added benefit of having extra support with laces across the feet and ankles does mean that it takes a bit longer to get wriggling kids in to them and as we’ve found on a couple of occasions, it’s easy to do them up either too tight or too lose. They have the same top ‘hooks’ as adult boots, so are really quick to undo and get on and off. As you can see from the pictures, they also have a toe protector which adds to the durability of the boot.

An Outdoors Family

They’ve been used on several walks, each on different terrain and we haven’t had any issues with grips or level of waterproofness. Obviously with them not being as high up the leg as winter boots, we have had to make sure every puddle hasn’t been jumped in to, but when paired with waterproof trousers, this hasn’t been an issue.

So far, we’ve been really impressed with these boots and our son loves the fact they’re in the colour of his favourite ninja turtle! It’s the small things, but it made his day! We’ve noticed a difference with him wearing the boots and he doesn’t complain as quickly about tired feet, which is great on longer days out as well.

An Outdoors Family

Have you found great hiking boots for your kids? Let us know which brands are your favourite below.

Disclaimer: We bought these for our son to test out. They were not provided by Anatom. All opinions are honest and our own. All wording and photos remain property of An Outdoors Family.


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