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Why campervans are great with kids

Campervans are great for year round family adventures, so with the help of our 4yr old, here are our top reasons why we think so!

Year round funCampers are great for getting out whatever the weather. You don’t need to pack it away at the start of winter, and wait for the glorious days of summer to arrive. Knowing there’s a warm, dry base to return to in between the rainshowers allows for more freedom to get away, whatever the time of year.

Spontaneous trips away – With a camper, most of it’s already packed and you’re ready to go at the drop of a hat! There’s no need to book anywhere – just top up your food supplies, pack your toothbrush and away you go for a bit of last minute weekend family fun!

Great for day trips – Using the campervan when you’ve got a day out on the water or in the mountains planned, means that at the end of a long active day, you can enjoy hot food and drink, facilities and space to change without the need to rush off. We also use ours for sledging, as it means we can run ragged on the slopes in the morning, get warm and fed over lunch before heading back out for the afternoon.

Great for multi activity trips – Depending on the type of campervan you’ve bought, they usually come with a decent amount of storage space. Kites, buckets and spades in the cupboards, bikes on the back, canoe on the roof, whatever outdoors activities takes your fancy so there’s absolutely no excuse to not get out there and do a bit of what everyone wants to do. Variety is the spice of life and all that…

Always have facilities at handSo when you’re only 30 minutes in to a 4 hour journey and a little voice pipes up, “I need the loo”, there’s no need to panic. Any safe place to stop will do the trick, as you don’t need to go very far for full facilities. Just nip in the back and a few minutes later you’re back under way.

Connect! Campervans are small whichever way you look at it, so trips away are a great opportunity to catch up with family. Life has a funny way of filling your days with ‘distractions’ and one thing we always do is switch our phones off or put them to plane mode if we want the camera.

No need to rush: Fancy another cup of tea before you leave? Why not! Or maybe finish another chapter in your book. Take life at a more leisurely pace before hitting the road.

See natural wonders – With our son in bed early and awake early, we usually miss opportunities to stargaze but this is easier to do in the campervan. We’ve also been known to do a last minute dash when there’s been a good forecast for the Northern Lights, racing up the country to try to get a glimpse, though obviously our van was a lot slower than the clouds on that night!!

Great views, whatever the weather – We love our campervan. We also love our wild camping. And with both, you can pick your view, where you’d like to sit and relax with the folks in your life. But when the weather turns bad you don’t have to shut out the outside world in a camper.

“Because I like sleeping in it” – This was our son’s reason: It’s like our home away from home.

“Feels more unusual than being at home” – Another one from our son: It feels different from being at home but fun and exciting. He’s still able to take his favourite toys, teddies, games and books. Something he’s not able to do as much when we’re wild camping.

The world is your oyster Where you go, what you do, where you stop for the night are all decisions you can make on the go, whether you’re planning to stay at campsites or not. You don’t have to pre-plan the whole trip. Be flexible with your outlook and have a truly relaxing experience.

Campervans are great for getting out with your family. It doesn’t matter what the weather’s doing, if you’ve only got a free weekend or even if you’re feeling like it’s the last thing you want to do following a bad week at work – you can take it as easy as you want, wherever you want and the kids will love it!

Do you have a campervan? What’s been your experience with it and are you able to go away with your family in it?

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