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Our top 10 family adventure blogs

If you’ve decided this year is THE year for spending more time with your family outside, but are unsure of where to start or want a bit of advice about clothing, routes or gadgets, looking online is a great way to find the answers. There are thousands of blogs offering gems of advice for families wanting to take that step, so here, we’ve listed our top 10 favourites (which wasn’t easy!). They will inspire you to take that first step and plan many a family adventure. Some are helpful step by step guides, some are inspirational stories of outdoors family time but they all have one thing in common – you can have a young family, get outside, adventure and live to tell the tale!

Tales of a Mountain Mama – Amelia and her family live in Yellowstone National Park, and are often out and about adventuring as a family, in all weather conditions. We admire this blog for its openness; Amelia doesn’t sugarcoat it as she writes about outdoors life with her 3 (soon to be 4) kids. She writes about good times, and bad (we all have those frustrating parenting moments) as well as having competitions and give-aways. She’s also on Facebook, check it out.

Baby Routes – Kate writes about great family walks, shares travel tips as well as tests outdoors gear, with the help of her 2 children.

Frog Mom – Laure is passionate about inspiring families to enjoy the outdoors with their children, learning to unplug and living a healthy lifestyle. Check out her blog and Facebook page for fun inspirational ideas.

Buddy Backpacker – Buddy Backpacker, a 6 year old who has walked two of America’s big trails: The Appalachian Trail and The Pacific Crest Trail totalling just over 4800 miles. Why? “Because it’s fun!”

A Wild Year – Family adventurers, sustainably-living, nature-loving writers and photographers, who lived wild in Britain throughout 2015. They’re now in their new house and blogging about their adventures, recipes and creative ideas. Beautiful photos on their Facebook page too, check it out!

Wilder Child – Projects, recipes and images from Nicolette and her family, inspiring others to get back in to nature and raise a wilder child. She’s also on Facebook, check it out.

The Big Outside – Michael writes about his family adventures, hoping to inspire and inform other parents to take their own kids on outdoor adventures and to believe that each family is capable of stepping out a little beyond their comfort zone. Great stuff!

Born Wild – Adventure mamas take on rock climbing, kayaking, backpacking, and camping with kids-in-tow to inspire other families to get outside! Their plan is to make a film based on their experiences.

The Kid Project – Alyssa and Chris, with their 3 children are family adventurers who share what has worked with their parenting in the outdoors. Their mission statement says it all: “Our desire is for united families that interact and enjoy each other. That are experiencing, risking, and acting together. That is one of our visions for our family. And we believe strongly in it. Families that play together, stay together.” They’re also on Facebook with some amazing pictures!

Microadventures – Alastair’s mission is to get everyone out on microadventures, with a 12 microadventure in a year challenge. Great ideas for very local and low budget overnight trips.

We’ve got loads of other blogs we follow closely and it wasn’t easy putting only these 10 down! We’ll put up more throughout the year, but in the meantime, have we missed your favourite outdoors blogger? Let us know below!

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