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Gear Review: Trespass Prindle Womens Water Repellant Trousers

Curiosity got the better of me and I decided on testing out a pair of water repellent trousers for Trespass. I had a few questions pop up in my head excitedly waiting for new gear; mainly whether the trousers would make that swishing noise my other pair of waterproof trousers do or whether they’d be breathable like my other walking trousers are.

First off though, the features. The Prindle trousers come packed full of nice little touches including;

  • 2 zip pockets
  • 2 side leg pockets with Velcro fastenings
  • Adjustable waist with belt
  • Tricot laminated
  • Water repellent
  • Adjustable hem drawcords (A major plus as I always have to take trousers up, being as short as I am. But with the drawcords I was just able to shorten them and away I went!)

On first impressions, the material was nicer than expected and certainly didn’t make that dreaded swishing sound, meaning I can still sneak up on my son when we’re playing ninjas out and about.  Yes! They also feel quite a bit heavier than my usual Craghoppers walking trousers, which at this time of year is a nice thing as I tend to feel the cold quickly. We went for a walk on our local hills and the weather was windy which other family members noticed on their legs. I was nicely surprised to not be feeling it as much as them.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to test them out in any sort of rain or showers, so at this time can’t tell you how they stand up in that type of weather. Trespass say on their website that ‘the material repels moisture and works to avoid condensation forming on the surface’. Unseasonal sunny weather aside, I did manage to do a bit of heather bashing on a very small path in the hills which left the bottom half of the trousers wet and muddy. I didn’t feel the damp or the extra chill come through with wet trousers, so was once again impressed.

My other question was whether the Prindle trousers were as breathable as my other walking trousers. Well, in short, no they’re not. But having said that, I do think they’re better than wearing my usual walking trousers and separate waterproof trousers over the top. I’m looking forward to testing them out in rain and seeing how practical they’ll be or whether I’ll still be taking my separate waterproof trousers with me on longer more exposed mountain days.

Trespass Prindle trousers have a lot of features to them that I really like, which considering the low cost price tag (currently on sale £23.99 but rrp £59.99), makes them worthwhile in my opinion. Zips on the pockets, drawcords at the hem and water repellent enough to keep a walk through knee high heather and grass on the nice side. They feel more durable than my other trousers which I really like so all told, I’m impressed with them and will definitely be adding them to my go-to outdoor gear.

Disclaimer: We’ve been given this product by Trespass to review in exchange for our honest opinion.


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