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Product review: Outwell Collapsible Kettle

Finding room for all your gear in a campervan can often be a tricky thing to do with such a limited amount of space. So having practical gear is a must and when it can conveniently pack down smaller, well that’s an added bonus. With that in mind, we’ve recently been reviewing a collapsible 1.5l kettle from Outwell, who offer a wide variety of gear for your family camping, caravanning and campervan getaways.

Let’s get the technical bits out of the way first:

  • Material: Silicone and stainless steel
  • Size: 14.5 x 16.5cm
  • Pack size: 4.5 x 16.5cm
  • RRP: £32.99


  • It folds flat
  • It’s easy to clean
  • It’s low faff to fold and unfold
  • It pours nice
  • Even though it’s flexible, it still feels sturdy when pouring boiling water


  • There’s no whistle so you don’t know when the water’s boiled, which is fine if you plan on watching steam rise and not get too distracted by anything


An Outdoors Family gear reviews

Our last kettle was a big metal beast that spewed hot water everywhere and just made a mess, but as we poured the first of many cups of tea we noticed the Outwell kettle is a very nice pourer indeed. I think Keith even used the word “laidback” to describe it… The silicone part is strong as well and doesn’t cause any wobble or flopping when pouring from the kettle full of boiling water.

Sure, it doesn’t have a whistle, but that can be looked at as a small oversight. This kettle is a brilliant way of saving that much needed space in campervans and we imagine it would be fantastic addition to any carcamping kitchen set. We highly recommend it.

We were given the Outwell collapsible kettle free to test by New Heights Active Brand Management. They’ve got all sorts of great outdoor gear on their website if you’re looking for something for your next adventure.

All opinions are our own.


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