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An Outdoors Family - what our son really thinks of our family adventures

What our 5yo really thinks of our family adventures

I guess we’ve always hoped our son likes spending time outdoors and being away in the mountains. It’s what he’s growing up doing. It’s what we as a family have discovered we need. Too long at home, doing the usual routine of school, work, weekly shop etc turns us in to grizzly bears with a bad head, pacing the living room in a foul mood and drooling over maps. For me, I truly believe we need that time outside together, exploring new places, challenging ourselves and working together as Team Wilcox.

But every now and then, when it’s a struggle to get him away from the lego and paw patrol and in to the car for a weekend away, that little thought flickers: Does he actually like it?

Last week, I asked him that. And in the usual round about way of a typical 5yo, here is how it went………

Me: Would you like to tell me what you like about the mountains?

5yo: Yeah (nodding his head)

Me: What things do you like?

5yo: I like that we can actually get outside and feel fresh air. And get messy. That’s like the best thing. And we see nature. And flowers. Lots of different birds. And we have fun and if you’re going to the zoo, you can have lots of fun at the zoo, maybe get your face painted or see animals or maybe buy a toy if your mum and dad let you. (He was looking around and was distracted by a photograph of him up on the wall, from our last visit to the zoo where he got his face painted as a tiger!)

Me: That is so true. Do you like it when we camp on the mountains? (Trying to refocus his attention here…)

5yo: And when we camp it just makes me have a smile and I like when it’s Halloween I think (oh oh, he’s spied another photo of himself in fancy dress) because we get to go trick or treating and we get to eat lots of sweets. So I hope you have good times in the mountains. (ok, he got his thoughts back on track…)

Me: Are there any things that you don’t like about being in the mountains?

5yo: I don’t like tripping up!

Me: That happens to me a lot too!

5yo: And I don’t like when I get bit by a midge. And I don’t like when it’s cold and I’m just in a jumper and tshirt. And I don’t like when it’s very rocky. (He spied another landscape photo on the wall). And…… be safe. Be safe and be happy and healthy.

Me: Brilliant words of advice there.

5yo: The end.

And off he walked….

I think we’re good for a few more adventures  😉



10 responses to “What our 5yo really thinks of our family adventures”

  1. I love this conversation! Wise words at the end too for a little one but what a brilliant outlook to have. I’m not sure if I dare ask my kids about our adventures, they’re a bit older and the 9 yr old is at the everything’s either lame or epic stage.


    1. Thanks Emma, surprisingly it was a lot more positive that I thought it was going to be! … Guess we’ve got the lame or epic stage still to come… (Thanks for the warning!) 😉


  2. Lol my soon-to-be 6 year old would be the same, nearly word for word. It’s hard enough getting my older two to focus. When I asked them about a year ago what they’d say we’re like as a family, they both answered ‘We go for walks a lot’. They often moan, but they also enjoy it. It’s so much fun growing up in an outdoors family 😉


    1. Lol, they can be so funny can’t they? And definitely agree with you about outdoors family time, I don’t think you can beat it! 🙂


  3. Aww… This is so sweet. We having been camping with our littlest one yet, but we planned on going to one this Summer! & we can’t wait! #Outdoorbloggers


    1. Thanks Su, he has his moments 😉 How exciting for your summer camping plans! Hope you have a great time!! Can’t wait to read all about it


  4. Very cute, nice idea for a blog 🙂


    1. Thanks Margaux! He’s a cutie (Don’t tell him I said that about him!) 😉


  5. Hopefully his new base layer will help with the cold 🙂


    1. We had to laugh at that!! He has always run hot & sweats in the depths of winter… we’re always checking on his temperature when we’re out, and believe me, is always quick to tell us if he’s too hot or too cold… so no idea where this ‘always’ has come from………


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