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Our Family Challenge by Fiona Outdoors Russell

If you follow our blog, you’ll know we’ve got a corker of a challenge lined up for the next few weeks; the aim is to bag ourselves 20+ munros (Scottish mountains over 3000ft) over 4 weeks, raising funds for Tommy’s to fund research in to miscarriage, stillbirth and premature births.

We’re excited by it, we’re also a little nervous and have all our fingers crossed that the weather will play nice!

We were contacted by Fiona Russell to give a little insight in to our upcoming challenge, but also to give a little background to how we’ve bought our son up to love being in the outdoors. All of our previous trips have led up to this challenge. We haven’t picked the number 20 out of thin air. We know our son, what he is capable of and what we think is achievable for all of us.

Obviously, we still want him to love the outdoors after this summer!! And in the run-up to it, with all the packing and planning, I think he just might! He’s telling anyone and everyone we meet about it, so I think there’s more excitement there. He tells them he’s “walking up lots of mountains to raise money to help poorly babies.”

But I think daily jellybeans with the odd ice cream thrown in is also on his mind!


“An outdoors family has set themselves a superb – and some might say, daunting – challenge this summer. Stacey and Keith Wilcox, accompanied by their five-year-old son Finn, hope to bag 20 Munros over just four weeks.

The Wilcox family are no strangers to Munro bagging and since the age of two, when Finn walked his first Munro, together they have reached the summit of 22 Munros.”

Read more of our interview with Fiona over on her blog, Fiona Outdoors Russell and wish us luck!!

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