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An Outdoors Family munro bagging month for Tommys

The challenge: 20+ munros in 4 weeks…We’ve done it!

Well what a month it was!

4 weeks spent together, travelling around Scotland and bagging in total 22 of Scotland’s most family friendly munros, the majority of which were new to us. We walked 104km and climbed 7500m of ascent. We set on this challenge to raise money for a cause very close to our hearts, Tommy’s. They find research in to miscarriage, stillbirth and premature births. The month was tough physically, emotionally and mentally, but always on the right side of challenging for our son, who is apparently even more eager to get outdoors if possible!

The dust is slowly settling, the tent and airbeds have been aired and the heaps of washing done. The mountains though, seem to have left an imprint on all of us. We have all struggled this past week getting back in to the old routine of life before the summer, and although it was only 4 weeks, it was 4 weeks spent together doing what we love most. We all feel incredibly lucky to have been able to experience that.

We have plenty of blog ideas jotted down, other tips we found out worked along the way etc, but to be honest, the mountains really are calling. Maybe it’s time for a new routine?

Don’t worry though, we will share all the gory details with you soon, including the funny bits and of course the not so great times!

But for now, let’s all just head outdoors and make memories with the folk we love the most!!


However………If you happen to be stuck inside and would like to sponsor us, our page is still open for donations for the next few weeks. It’s all for a very worthwhile cause, which you can read more about here

Happy adventuring everyone!


2 responses to “The challenge: 20+ munros in 4 weeks…We’ve done it!”

  1. This sounds like such an amazing 4 weeks! Well done to all of you on your awesome achievement!

    Abi xo |


    1. Thanks very much Abi, definitely a summer to remember!! 🙂


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