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Munrobagging as a family: Why we do it

Scotland has recently been voted the most beautiful country in the world by readers of Rough Guides and it’s easy to see why. Rugged coastlines, craggy mountains, pristine beaches, beautiful glens and high mountain plateaus. What’s not to love?

We moved to Perthshire just over 4 years ago and didn’t waste any time heading straight to the mountains. We love it and are often out doing something outdoors every chance we can get. One of the things we love doing most as a family is bagging ourselves one of the many munros Scotland is famous for.

There is a list of 282 munros and these are defined as a mountain over 3000ft in height. A person who reaches the tops of a munro is a “munrobagger”. There is something for everyone on the list; dizzying heights, flat plateaus, boulder summits, scrambling. You know that saying “like a kid in a sweet shop”? That’s us planning our next trip out! So much choice!

To date, we’ve bagged 44 munros with our 5yo son (38 uniques with him) but both Keith and myself have bagged a few more than that.

We’ll be honest, we don’t think we have any intention of bagging them all. But it is a way that works really well for our family and our need to get outside, explore somewhere new and see more of this beautiful country we’re lucky enough to call home.

 What’s your favourite family activity to do together? Let us know the when, where, how and to’s below!

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