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An Outdoors Family

Safari Walk in Wester Ross – blog by our son

*** A short blog by our son on a little walk near Gruinard bay towards An Teallach


It was really hard first. There were lots of vines, even more bog!

An Outdoors Family

There was some stunning views of waterfalls. We didn’t manage to get to the end. There was a lot of rock climbing.

An Outdoors Family

It felt really fun going through the rhododendron tunnels. I loved it! It was like an absolute jungle.

An Outdoors Family

The really interesting bit was the vines coming together like a big train tunnel.

An Outdoors Family

It was really sunny. When we stopped for lunch, there was some perfect spots for sunbathing on rock slabs. Also, there were lovely cliffs if you want to go rock climbing.

I got quite close to a bird. It was really muddy. There were some absolute perfect views of mountains.

An Outdoors Family

We turned around because it was tiring. We got some big rocks and threw them in the river. And then we stopped for lunch. I had a good run around.

An Outdoors Family

We went to the beach. We got close to a seal. It was amazing. I had thousands of cuddles with my little brother. He had loads of giggles.

An Outdoors Family

When my mum and dad asked if I wanted some food, and I said no, they popped my magazine right in front and I said yes!

It was a really amazing day.

An Outdoors Family

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