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An Outdoors Family wild camping at 32 weeks pregnant

Wildcamping at 32 weeks pregnant

This time last year the UK was basking in glorious sunshine. Think along the lines of long summer days where the temperature regularly hit the mid to high 20’s….  Pretty good for Scotland! 

But at 32 weeks pregnant with ankles the size of an elephants and a bump to rival any baby elephant bump,  I’d had enough of wallowing away in the garden,  unable to drive because bump was too big to fit behind the wheel,  loving the long days with the paddling pool out but longing for more mountain views.

It didn’t take much persuading to get Keith and our son on board for my crazy idea of a wildcamp.  We scoured the maps and settled on a walk-in of around 5km each way,  not too much ascent but with views to the mountains and a gorgeous wee beach to pitch up on. 

An Outdoors Family wild camping

Obviously, we packed our bags a bit differently than usual: Keith carried the majority,  our son carried a share while  I waddled along with my smaller daybag carrying those all important snacks.  My mantra has always been slow and steady,  so after what was possibly my slowest walk ever,  we finally reached our home for the night.

The beach was pristine,  sky blazing blue, mountains tempting me. Keith took our son for a swim while I sat soaking up the sunshine.  They saw some fish and spent an age trying to catch them, our sons giggles a stark difference to the quiet that echoed around this magical serene little corner. 

An Outdoors Family wild camping at 32 weeks pregnant

That night,  I slept no worse than at home. No better either but getting up in the middle of the night to see stars shining above was definitely worth it.  Hearing our son snoring from the tent added to the pure bliss I was feeling.  In just a few short weeks he was going to be a big brother! I was excited for him!

An Outdoors Family wild camping

The next morning,  we took our time packing up and slowly headed back to the van.  It was definitely what I needed and it was a brilliant way to have one more adventure with just the three of us before welcoming our next little adventure!

An Outdoors Family wild camping

5 basic tips for hiking and wildcamping when pregnant :

  • Pack light
  • Go slow and rest lots
  • Drink plenty of water and snack often
  • Take a few luxuries if needed and if possible
  • Listen to your body!

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