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An Outdoors Family 40 challenges

3 big challenges for my 40th

We’re not a family who gives any thought to New Years resolutions, but 2020 is a big year for us so it’s feeling a little different.

Don’t shout it out loud but I’m 40 at the end of the year and have been mulling things over about how best to celebrate.

Keith’s also 40 this year and we’re celebrating our 20 years anniversary when we first met.

See what I mean about it being a big year?

My mind wandered to far flung places for a bit of travel and adventure to celebrate (Costa Rica and Belize topped the list!)

I also thought briefly about taking part in a swimming or running event.

Who was I kidding!?

I needed something I could manage. Something that could satisfy my achey bones but not knacker me completely.

So… I’ve narrowed it down to 3 challenges for 2020. And the best part of them all? They’re things we can all get involved in as a family.

Challenge 1… Take part in 1000 Hours Outside

According to the 1000 Hours Outside website, kids spend an astonishing 1200 hours watching screens. But with the help of their website, they’re offering a guiding hand to help set the scales to a healthier balance. There’s a tracker sheet you can download and print off, with circles to colour, each one marking an hour outside. Does it sound daunting? 1000 hours outside? Yes! Do we think we can do it? We’re game to give it a try! And it might just help me on my way to my second challenge…

Challenge 2… Walk / run 40km each week

This is one of those wacky challenges for me… if I’m honest (and I always am!) it sounds just a bit out of reach at the minute. When we were expecting baby, my hip gave me a lot of bother, to the point where walking was intensely painful and I had to sleep sitting up in a chair for months. A few sessions of physiotherapy and strength exercises helped hugely after baby was born, but I still haven’t lost all the weight I put on with having him. We’re not talking pounds, we’re talking stones… I’ve found I’ve lost my way a bit after having him and making sure their needs are met, but feeling so tired in the evenings that I always reach for the biscuits and watch rubbish tv but right now, I need something different. I used to run on the treadmill several times a week before expecting baby, but now, it’s no longer being used as a clothes rail and it’s just about making sure I put that time in as a daily priority too, and start on a healthier journey for my 40’s.

Challenge 3… 40 hills

This one I’m really looking forward to! 40 hills before the year is out. That’s it! It can be munros or corbetts, wainwrights, anything! It’s also something we enjoy as a family so of course there’ll be a few wildcamps in the mix too!

So those are my plans for 2020. I’m trying to embrace the things I can’t change and of course, changing what I can, like making positive changes to my health. That’s a long overdue one and one I’m excited to be making this year!

Have you made any plans for this year?

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