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An Outdoors Family

Stacey, Keith and their son love spending time outdoors, especially mountain walking, canoeing and wild camping. This website is about that outdoors family time, sharing with you what has worked for them (and what hasn’t!) and hopefully inspiring you to not stop adventuring and getting outdoors because you have kids. They also have gear reviews, route info on family friendly routes and (coming soon!) competitions.

Keith introduced Stacey to mountain life soon after they first started dating with a trip to the Lake District and a jaunt up the Old Man of Coniston. They both learnt early on that Stacey was a fan, but just not of the uphill parts which has made the last 17 years worth of adventure interesting! Stacey is still trying to find the magic button on Keith’s shoes that make him magically grow wings and fly up the mountains, while she is there puffing and plodding along behind him looking forward to going downhill!

Stacey and Keith have travelled the world, and have trekked in some of the most beautiful and isolated areas. Without a doubt, Stacey’s most memorable trek was a variant of the Dientes de Navarino in Tierra del Fuego; one of the most beautiful and utterly terrifying treks she has ever done. The first day consisted of crossing steep scree slopes and sliding and falling at what felt like every other step so was not her idea of fun. The next day, was a forced rest day as her legs were still wobbly but the onwards trek to Cabana Charles was awe-inspiring, rugged and yup, definitely challenging. Keith’s favourite is the Torres del Paine circuit in Patagonia which they did in 2007.

Stacey and Keith had their son in 2011, while living in the South coast of England at the time. With the nearest mountains over 5 hours away, it wasn’t until their son was 6 weeks old that he was able to have his first taste of mountains and snow! Then, in 2013 Keith’s work took them to Scotland where mountains, lochs, waterfalls and the occasional bout of sunshine are on their doorstep. They’ve been able to introduce their son to the outdoors, have that precious time with him away from any distractions, learn from each other, explore new places and enjoy the good times as well as the bad together, as a family, one adventure at a time.

In 2018, their second son was born and they have continued to have adventures together as a family, introducing the him to the outdoors. He was up his first munro at 6 weeks and they then travelled to New Zealand for 8 weeks on shared parental leave, taking in some of the amazing sights over there and their eldest having the biggest adrenaline rushes possible with white water rafting, indoor skydiving, seeing lots of fascinating wildlife and having the time of his life so much that he now wants to live there!


Likes: Anything sweet and chocolatey, taking lots of photos, going downhill, her battered walking boots, wild camping, mountains

Dislikes: Going uphill, shopping

Would love to: Visit Norway, Iceland and one day to hopefully do the Annapurna circuit


Likes: Kitesurfing and doing big jumps, mountains, scrambling, canoeing, wild camping

Dislikes: crashing big jumps, crowded places

Would love to: Walk the length of the Patagonian Andes (he likes to dream big!)

Our eldest:

Likes: running uphill (mummy’s got to up her game!), pancakes, loud bodily functions, ice lollies, canoe camping

Dislikes: Mushrooms, lie-ins

Would love to: be Batman when he’s older (Both Stacey and Keith are hoping he’ll be a less grumpier version…)

Our youngest:

Likes: anything with wheels (especially tractors, trains and bin lorries!) and chocolate cake

Dislikes: Sleeping!

Would love to:……. probably be awake the whole time pretending to be a train or tractor or bin lorry…


Adventurous Little Legs

We have previously published blogs on Adventurous Little Legs, our blog that was linked to an online store we also had. For a number of reasons, we decided to close down the website in August 2015. We transferred our blog entries including our photos to An Outdoors Family

All blog entries, reviews and photos from both Adventurous Little Legs and An Outdoors Family are copyright of the above mentioned.