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Loch Lee and Falls of Unich walk, Glen Esk

Loch Lee and Falls of Unich walk, Glen Esk

This low-level day walk follows a really good track, passing ruins, lochs, lots of wildlife until we reached the turning for Falls of Unich. We did it as a there and back walk, simply retrace your steps from the Falls back to the carpark if you’re not carrying on up on the circular path.

There's a slow worm there somewhere

Stretching their legs after the long walk in to the falls

Bridge on the way to the Falls

Friendly little slow worm

Waterfall carvings


18th century tower built to protect locals from cattle thieves


Church ruin by loch shore

Trip report:

  • Location: Glen Esk
  • Nearest town: Invermark
  • Length: 9 miles
  • Level of difficulty: Good path along relatively flat ground.
  • What to wear: Bring everything for sun and cold weather, as it’s a fair walk back to the car.
  • Kid friendly: Would be possible with all-terrain push chair, back carrier or kids to walk themselves as relatively flat.

Falls of Unich

***Please note: This is a blog that was previously published on another of our blogs Adventurous Little Legs, and linked to an online store we also had. We have closed these both down. All content and pictures remain those of Stacey and Keith at Adventurous Little Legs and An Outdoors Family

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