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Keeping kids warm (and happy) when camping

I love this time of year, the mornings are beginning to get a bit chillier and leaves are beginning to turn on the trees. Autumn is definitely in the air and I can’t wait to make the most of those glorious cool crisp days and nights. If this is the year you’re eager to keep camping all year round and are looking for ways to keep your kids warm (which in turn equals happy!), here are a few of our tried and tested favourite ways to keep cold at bay.

Hats and mittens – Nothing beats your favourite snug hat for snuggling down in at night. We usually carry two with us if we’re wild camping, one that we can wear during the day which will more than likely get a bit wet at this time of year and a spare, albeit thinner hat that will keep our heads warm at night. We also take a few pairs of those little knitted mittens you can get that work a treat for keeping our sons hands warm at night. He’s a fidget and always ends up lying half out of the bed so anything we can use that stays on during the restless nights are definitely a keeper!

Ground insulation mats – Most heat is lost to the ground, so whatever your choice of mats; inflatable, self-inflating or closed-cell foam, a good ground mat will minimise heat loss. A favourite hack of ours is that once we’ve strapped the airbeds together, line the gaps between them with waterproofs (which we’re already carrying so no extra weight there) to provide further insulation and no cold areas.

Clean dry socks and clothes – Wet feet equals cold feet equals grumpy mum child so always make sure you’ve got spare socks and an extra layer of night-time clothes. If you’re warm and dry, you’re likely to sleep better than staying awake because you’re too busy shivering.

Food in their stomachs – Enjoy a good warm plate of dinner before bed and it sets you up for the night. Having said that, our son always seems to get the munchies in the middle of the night when we’re camping, so keeping a bit of snack handy means he can have his fill and get back to sleep soon enough.

Cuddles – Share the warmth, simples.

Think ahead – Put your next days clothes in the bed with you so they’re warm for the next day.

What are your top tips? Share with us below or on our Facebook page at An Outdoors Family.


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