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Best family adventure blogs for 2017 by An Outdoors Family

Family adventure blogs to follow in 2017

Whether you’re a seasoned pro at getting your kids outside or just starting out and after a bit of advice and inspiration, looking online is always guaranteed to throw some useful information your way. There are hundreds of blogs offering just that, ranging from beginner guides to advice about routes, clothing or gadgets and inspirational family time spent outdoors in some of the most beautiful corners of the world. Following on from last years favourite family adventure blogs to follow, here are a few of the ones we’ve enjoyed following over the past year.

We Found Adventure – Bobby and Maura write about their family adventures with their two young children hiking, camping, backpacking, travelling and rock climbing. They’re also mad about canoeing and have just bought their first canoe! We love these guys for their honesty and enthusiasm about raising their kids to love and explore the outdoors. As their website states; “Passing down our respect and enjoyment of the outdoors to our children is our biggest goal in life. We are very passionate about helping other parents begin or continue an adventurous lifestyle with their kids along for the fun.” Their pictures are stunning, so be sure to head over and give them a follow on social media.

Potty Adventures – Adventure loving David & Natalie love travel and hiking in the mountains of Wales with their two children as well as going to family friendly festivals and camping. Their blog offers some great tips, gear reviews and travel destination guides while their social media is a great friendly community where you can, as they say, find all sorts to help you enjoy your own family adventures.

Campfires & Kids – Sarah & Dwane are experienced wilderness adventurers learning the ups & downs of taking their two young children into the wilderness, including an epic 900km canoe trip down the Yukon River. Their photos are some of the most gorgeous family adventure pictures we’ve seen, go give them a follow.

The Outdoor Dad – Join Oli and Gemma as they raise their son the outdoors way, with a winning combination of adventure, humour, excitement and exploration along the way.

Family Adventure Project – Stuart and Kirstie with their three kids are all about the adventure and time spent together. Or in their own words; spending quality time together as a family, doing interesting and exciting things together, getting out and about, being active together, exploring the world on our doorstep and way, way beyond, challenging ourselves to have fun and learn new things as a family, trying to have an adventure everyday. They have clocked up over 20,000km cycling and have sailed, canoed, campervanned and backpacked all over! Now that’s a lot of family adventures. Go check out their website.

The Days Are Just Packed – Check these guys out on Facebook and join Pickle & Pipsqueak as they tick off their bucket list of over 500 awesome adventures, from cooking medieval feasts, paper planes from the highest mountain, being cavemen, to wave hopping, making driftwood shelters and going on dragonfly hunts.


Spread the word and let us know your favourite family adventure blogger below!

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